Do you have an app for your Business or Brand!

Are you using smartphone effectively! – Bussiness research:

Today around 2 billion of people are using smartphones. Approximately it may increase to around 3 billion in 2019. Now a days, smartphones is not a fashion, it is a necessity.Today the number of the mobile phones is much higher than PC. For every 5 minutes, people check their phone. Around 70% of people spend time on apps of time spend on phone.

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More than 80% of people use mobile apps for purchasing, payments and fund transfers over websites. Mobile app is becoming essential for every industry like Hospitality, Retail and Education.

More and more small and mid-size businesses are following the mobile trend, understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website.

As per softwits research team,

47% of research and development are done by smartmobiles.

61% of google searches are done by smartmobiles.

82% of people use apps for all needs.

Mobile apps are an excellent tool to increase the revenue and there are several reasons for the same.

Why business or Brand need an app?

As a matter of fact, people turn to their mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and iPhones when they have to look for information on the Internet. Today where there is an app for almost everything from shopping to booking to gaming to money transfer, your business cannot afford to miss out on an opportunity to target the half of your audience, which is available on smartphones. Mobile apps are no longer considered to be a luxury, it has become the need of the hour. But this does not mean that every business needs to have a presence on mobile phones.

With growing popularity of smartphones and technology advancement, it has become essential for a business to offer smooth mobile experiences to their customers. AppInventiv helps clients in understanding end-users, competitive analysis, UI design & architecture, prototyping, testing, launch, and promotion.

Smart life – Smart live

Softwits Team,

Do you have an app for your Business or Brand!

Perfect software developer mode needs…

Independent software developer’s strategies:



  1. Planning
  2. Priorities
  3. Smartness
  4. Agility


Determining patterns early on and writing modular code will help you to simplify your process and increase reusability. Planning out smaller functions that can complete one task is an easy way for programmers to make code reusable and efficient.

Taking the time to think in these abstract ways will allow you to develop patterns and transform problems into solutions you already have.


Improving your documentation and keeping everything updated and prioritized will greatly help your development process.

If a team member needs to be alerted to the day’s highest priority tasks, having a set place for plans and documentation will keep everyone in line.

Being able to keep yourself and your team members productive while simultaneously being able to monitor and report their progress will greatly increase your efficiency.

Before leaving work for the night consider even constructing a small list of high priority tasks for the next day.

Pinpointing just a handful of critical action items for your following day allows you to come into work in the morning with a more focused mind.


Working past your productive point is a waste of time. Crunch Time is an unavoidable part of the tech industry, but it is also the most taxing on one’s brain power. Fixing previous mistakes that you’ve made due to being over worked is doubling your original efforts.

Being able to alternate between work and taking breaks will greatly benefit your mental health and your efficiency. It’s important to take physical breaks as well and make sure you stand up to stretch at your desk every so often.

Many programmers will stand as they work as sitting at a desk for long periods of time can be incredibly detrimental to your health.


Agile development is an alternative too traditional or waterfall project management that focuses on being an incremental and iterative process. It’s an umbrella term that encompasses popular methodologies such as Scrum, Crystal, and Lean Development.

Agile methods of project management grew from tech industry professionals who had first-hand experienced the challenges and limitations of traditional management. It offers a lightweight framework for helping teams maintain focus and create a constantly evolving technical landscape.

Softwits Team,

Perfect software developer mode needs…

Data Management – Softwits

Consumer’s expectation in ‪#‎data‬ management:

38% ofCustomers fretting about their data which handled by their brands


data management

Effective data management has the potential to increase the pace of scientific discovery and promote more efficient and effective use of government funding and resources. Data management planning should be an integral part of research planning.

Customer Prospect in Data Management:

  1. Transparency
  2. Trust
  3. Security

Companies that knowingly misinform or mislead consumers in any way about how their personal data is used increasingly risk self-extinction. Broken trust not only has a monetary impact on companies, but it can also undermine the brand reputation and damage employee morale, which is often difficult to measure and remediate. A Forbes Insights report reveals that 46% of organizations surveyed had suffered damage to their reputations and brand value as a result of a data breach.

Customers may forgive brand’s mistake but never forgive brand’s dishonest on their data management.

Frankly speaking, when it comes to securing sensitive data, the biggest pitfall hides in the false confidence that you know exactly what is going on across your IT systems. If all IT pros knew exactly what happens and who makes changes, why would companies continue to experience security incidents discovering them months and even years after a breach occurred? Netwrix 2015 State of IT Changes Survey revealed that nearly 70% of IT professionals still make changes to business critical IT systems without documenting them, and only 50% audit their IT infrastructures to verify that all changes are adequately made. With a large number of changes to data and system configurations, it becomes hard to detect a data leak,and find the root cause if there is an inability to see what’s going on.

The most crucial customer data to collect is how they found you. If your intake staff is failing to collect this information, implement a strategy to do so immediately. This may be in the form of a call tracking system, or may be a simple as creating an excel sheet for the person taking calls.

To have an audit trail of all your customer data systems. You know exactly when an employee views or changes a record which is a vital security measure. In addition to greater security, having this in place reassures customers that their data is being handled responsibly.

Avoid duplicate data, such as companies or contact information. Not only is this a waste of space, but more importantly it causes frustration for employees using the data and also potential customers who are receiving inquiries as a result of the duplication.



Data Management – Softwits

Ways to know about a brand you shop.

47% Shoppers read about brand before adding into cart


Digital & Social Marketing is an important key for the popular brands.

#  Website & Mobile App
#  Brand Blogs
#  Reviews
#  Customer Interactions

1. Website & Mobile App

A website, also written as a web site, is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server(Wiki).
Web pages, which are the building blocks of websites. Websites have many functions and can be used in various fashions. A website which elaborates the functions, services, and other details of the brand or service provider.

Mobile App

Mobile apps are software applications designed to run on smartphones, tablet computer and other mobile devices.

Many of the most popular mobile properties are mainly accessed via mobile apps instead of mobile browsers.

2. Brand Blogs

A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first)-(Wiki).

Think about how many pages there are on your website. Probably not a ton, And think about how often you update those pages. Probably not that often, Also How often can you really update your About Us page.

Well, blogging helps solve those problems.

Benefits of blogging:

*  It helps drive traffic to your website
*  It helps convert that traffic into leads
*  It helps establish authority
*  It drives long-term results


88% of customers trust online reviews. User reviews are proven sales drivers, and something the majority of customers will want to see before deciding to make a purchase. We like leaving reviews too. Stats reveal that 47% of consumers have reviewed products online, which suggests there is no shortage of people ready to provide their opinions.

Customer Interactions

Brands are ready to pay customer service representatives to interact with your customers every day.Brands raise your customer interactions to the next level, and they have transformed merely satisfied customers into loyal, engaged clients. Those contact points make all the difference in keeping brand client base coming back to business over and over again.






Ways to know about a brand you shop.

Difficulty – online buy

Hurdles considered by customers for their online purchases.

Earlier most people shopped in their local stores complete with parking and weather problems, long lines, and wobbly shopping carts. Even when online shopping was available, people felt uncomfortable using their credit cards and giving their personal information to cyber-shops. That has all changed.

Even when online shopping was available, people felt uncomfortable using their credit cards and giving their personal information to shops through the internet. That has all changed.



Throughout the world online buying has grown exponentially. The growth of online shopping has been characterized by strong consumer demands and the increasing number and type of goods available.

Still, Hurdles considered by customers for their online purchases,

1. Security of payment process

2. Dissonant pricing

3. Imprecise image and description in listing

4. Misleading reviews and reports

5. Poor customer support

We, softwits has an experience in resolving these issues.

Reach us: /

Difficulty – online buy

Customers need their brands in mobile apps

Most of business brands are keen to make a perfect mobile app than their competitors.


Our research reveals which industries consumers trust the most, the value consumers place on their data, and how businesses can get ahead by understanding the consumer trust equation.

1, Web + Mobile

2, Social & Digital Connect

3, Emails & Communication responses

How brands satisfy customers:

Brands needs to be open and transparent communication with their customers.  Brands quality products increases the product brands customers.

Fair price is a big deal of brand customers. Brands should reveal the fair price to customers and their update policies.

What brands can do through mobile apps:

1, Updating their policies

2, Notifications

3, Offers and rewards

4, Feedback & Customer satisfaction.

We softwits bringing the brands from doing digital to being digital.

Visit us at:

Download our mobile app from store.


Customers need their brands in mobile apps

Camp’16 – Bangalore – Coming Soon

                                   Event of Softwits

A Technical event for professionals and graduates to splash the way to their career.



Lead the professionals and fresh graduates into their career aim and showing the ways to achieve.

Event, exploring the current IT structures and way to join as a techie. Also, Event explaining about how to get fit into current IT openings yourself.

Event Consist of objectives which giving the clearest way for the fresh graduates.

  • Accelerate to the real IT life system
  • Improve the quality of learning
  • Increase the hope of scholar towards goal
  • Exploring the IT Environments

Further information and event information COMING SOON…

Camp’16 – Bangalore – Coming Soon