Perfect software developer mode needs…

Independent software developer’s strategies:



  1. Planning
  2. Priorities
  3. Smartness
  4. Agility


Determining patterns early on and writing modular code will help you to simplify your process and increase reusability. Planning out smaller functions that can complete one task is an easy way for programmers to make code reusable and efficient.

Taking the time to think in these abstract ways will allow you to develop patterns and transform problems into solutions you already have.


Improving your documentation and keeping everything updated and prioritized will greatly help your development process.

If a team member needs to be alerted to the day’s highest priority tasks, having a set place for plans and documentation will keep everyone in line.

Being able to keep yourself and your team members productive while simultaneously being able to monitor and report their progress will greatly increase your efficiency.

Before leaving work for the night consider even constructing a small list of high priority tasks for the next day.

Pinpointing just a handful of critical action items for your following day allows you to come into work in the morning with a more focused mind.


Working past your productive point is a waste of time. Crunch Time is an unavoidable part of the tech industry, but it is also the most taxing on one’s brain power. Fixing previous mistakes that you’ve made due to being over worked is doubling your original efforts.

Being able to alternate between work and taking breaks will greatly benefit your mental health and your efficiency. It’s important to take physical breaks as well and make sure you stand up to stretch at your desk every so often.

Many programmers will stand as they work as sitting at a desk for long periods of time can be incredibly detrimental to your health.


Agile development is an alternative too traditional or waterfall project management that focuses on being an incremental and iterative process. It’s an umbrella term that encompasses popular methodologies such as Scrum, Crystal, and Lean Development.

Agile methods of project management grew from tech industry professionals who had first-hand experienced the challenges and limitations of traditional management. It offers a lightweight framework for helping teams maintain focus and create a constantly evolving technical landscape.

Softwits Team,

Perfect software developer mode needs…

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