Customers need their brands in mobile apps

Most of business brands are keen to make a perfect mobile app than their competitors.


Our research reveals which industries consumers trust the most, the value consumers place on their data, and how businesses can get ahead by understanding the consumer trust equation.

1, Web + Mobile

2, Social & Digital Connect

3, Emails & Communication responses

How brands satisfy customers:

Brands needs to be open and transparent communication with their customers.  Brands quality products increases the product brands customers.

Fair price is a big deal of brand customers. Brands should reveal the fair price to customers and their update policies.

What brands can do through mobile apps:

1, Updating their policies

2, Notifications

3, Offers and rewards

4, Feedback & Customer satisfaction.

We softwits bringing the brands from doing digital to being digital.

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Customers need their brands in mobile apps

Camp’16 – Bangalore – Coming Soon

                                   Event of Softwits

A Technical event for professionals and graduates to splash the way to their career.



Lead the professionals and fresh graduates into their career aim and showing the ways to achieve.

Event, exploring the current IT structures and way to join as a techie. Also, Event explaining about how to get fit into current IT openings yourself.

Event Consist of objectives which giving the clearest way for the fresh graduates.

  • Accelerate to the real IT life system
  • Improve the quality of learning
  • Increase the hope of scholar towards goal
  • Exploring the IT Environments

Further information and event information COMING SOON…

Camp’16 – Bangalore – Coming Soon

Smart living with smart Gadgets

How Companies Can Maximize Their Digital Strategies:


Digital thinking and tools that connects the physical and virtual world. also its deliver the rich and engaging experiences to the people. That are critical to remaining relevant in the eyes of business men, our latest research reveals follows.

 Smart phone and devices are used often,
1. Shopping.
2. Gaming.
3. Travel Planing, Booking.
4. Entertainment booking.
5. Text Communications.
6. At last, Voice communications.
Identify – Shopping – Be Fashionable:
 Shopping into every palm through smart devices. Consumers loves the way that getting home doorstep which they loved most and bought with single click. Understanding the sellers review, offers and then engaging with online store is more consistently and creating the easy planning and booking experiences they crave. Building core capabilities is essential to maximizing digital strategies.
Identify – Travel- Adapt yourself:
Special interest to travel and hospitality companies are smartphone bookers. Approximately 42% of respondents are using smartphones to make travel and lodging reservations. While travel companies view smartphone booking as a revenue channel, these early adopters can also serve as a pilot group for new products and services.
Digital business Strength maintenance:
1. Conduct Digital health check up
2. Examine often
3.Understand the customer online strategy.
Life, is smart living. Adapt yourself into digital.
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Smart living with smart Gadgets