A Product of Softwits – Coming Soon

Softwits Product Coming Soon…

We discover a solution with an idea of the common difficulty in everyday of living.

A product from softwits product team,

We are bringing the solution into your smart devices. Our product will be

  1. Saving your time
  2. Its elementary to use
  3. Its an all time companion for you

Our product saving you from frustration because it is interesting and reliable.

It is a product for both educated and uneducated people.

So, Be ready to grab…..

Coming Soon…

Video Presentation https://youtu.be/QVe6n7-RnQ0

– Softwits Blog Team




A Product of Softwits – Coming Soon

Digital Marketing – Witty way

Make your digital marketing appreciable in your business -Softwits



  1. Give potential customers the ads they’ll find most helpful. select the customers and let them find your ads.
  2. Know your customer’s virtual identity in digital.
  3. Mobile ads are expected.
  4. Company brands possible to receive 80 monthly messages per 1000 through Twitter followers
  5. Company brands possible to receive 45 monthly messages per 1000 through Facebook fans.
  6. 78% of customers using social media expect a response in under an hour.
  7. Media is the way to receive a real-time customer service response
  8. 74% of customers expect companies to offer service on social media.
  9. Need to know about your customers in the digital neighborhoods as they frequent.


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Digital Marketing – Witty way